About Us

At the sunniest place, in the most cloudless town, Enira Hotel welcomes you with good wine and delicious food, with coziness, discretion and comfort to save you from tiredness , pressure and monotony and to make you smile, feel refreshed and happy when you leave.

About Velingrad

Velingrad combines the convenience of a town with the peace of the mountains and helps relax completely. Known as the “SPA Capital of the Balkans”, every time it persuades you that it is the perfect place for you!

SPA & Relaxation

Mineral Water

The mineral water comes from “Velyova Banya”, which is a thermal spring with unique content. The water is under constant laboratory tests and possesses qualities which make it suitable for drinking, spa therapeutic procedures and relaxation. It is proven that it can heal joints, neurological, gynecological, lung diseases, as well as sterility, pathological processes of the upper respiratory tract. It is also used for drinking treatment of kidney, liver and gastrointestinal diseases.

The Spa Complex

Complying with the latest requirements and standards, the Spa Complex is the reason a lot of our guests to return over and over again. It provides the most modern and the safest technology and its staff are specially trained with rich experience. Relax and enjoy the aromatic steam bath, the Finnish sauna, the contrast shower, the ice pail, the Jacuzzi, the mineral swimming pools (inside and outside), the heated benches, massages and therapies, and the latest – outside aerobics.

Unforgettable Experience

The eco paths which start from the entrance of the hotel will show you the charm of the mountains. The trips, organized by the hotel or personally according to your desires, will take you to picturesque places you have not even imagined. Photo holidays, hunting tourism, skiing, sport fishing, rock climbing, jeep safari, horse riding, mountain biking, buggy rides – Hotel “Enira” will give you the chance to relax actively and to enjoy your stay.


Group meetings

At out hotel you can organize parties, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, family events, friends’ gatherings as well as professional meetings – conferences, seminars, trainings and educational sessions. Hotel “Enira” provides a multi-functional conference hall with modern equipment, free Wi-Fi at the territory of the complex, calm and productive environment. Staying with us you will benefit from all the city advantages being away from it.

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18, Pushkin Street

“Ladzhene” Quarter

Velingrad, Post Code 4600

Mobile phone: +359 893 331 278

Telephone / Fax: +359 359 80 639


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